Gables Divorce Mediation, Inc.
Cristina Carbonell, Certified Family Mediator
Concord Building, 12th Fl. 
66 W. Flagler Street
Miami, Fl. 33130

Cristina Carbonell is a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator specializing in Divorce Mediation. In addition to being Certified in Family Mediation, she holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychology from The George Washington University. Cristina is committed to providing private mediation services at a reasonable cost. It is no secret that separation and/or divorce can take a toll on everyone involved, especially as it relates to stress. As a mediator, part of my job is to assist spouses in reaching mutual agreements that they are both happy with and will be likely to adhere to over time. In order to achieve this goal, additional stressors should be eliminated or kept at a minimum whenever possible. A litigated divorce can be costly and as the fees add up, so do the stressors. Litigated divorces can be time consuming. It is not uncommon for a litigated divorce years, in the courts. These two factors alone can increase existing hostility between spouses and stress levels which may impede their ability to work together in negotiating the terms of their divorce. At Gables Divorce Mediation, Inc. clients are assured they will be charged reasonable fees and their mediation will be completed expeditiously. Parties can expect to schedule their free initial consultation within a week of contacting Mrs. Carbonell.

In addition to cost and time savings, mediation allows both parties to control the decisions which will dictate their future. It is always better to come to try to come to a mutual agreement  than relinquish decision making power to the Court. In most cases, no one is better equipped to make decisions about your family than you. In the event that spouses are able to agree on some, but not all, terms of their divorce then a Partial Agreement can be drafted to reflect that. A partial agreement is better than no agreement at all. However; some mediations end with no agreement which is known as an "impasse."

As a mediator, Cristina's role is that of a neutral third party facilitator. She is unbiased and will not take sides. She can not give legal or any other professional advice. Mediators have no power to make decisions for the parties, instead they are instrumental in getting the spouses to a place where they become self directed in their decision making process. Mediation is voluntary, any party can stop mediation at any time.
Mediation is intended to be confidential. The persons present during mediation are usually the mediator, both parties and their counsel(if represented.) In the event that a party requests that another individual be present during mediation, it first has to be approved by the other party and counsel.
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